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Weather you prefer gold or silver, you cant go wrong with these necklaces.  Beautifully vibrant crystals are carefully wrapped around snap rings to create these very attractive pieces. 

Snap rings are commonly used by mechanics.  My husband is a mechanic and I get the sizes he cannot use!


-Snap Rings are made of steel.

-Silver necklace is made of stainless steel, as is the wire.  Crystals are made of glass.

-Gold necklace is made of brass as is the wire.  Please see care instructions.  Crystals are also made of glass.

-Choose color in drop down box.

Crystal Galore Snap Ring Pendant

SKU: 213
  • These ship out in 1-3 business days via USPS.

  • For the gold necklace/pendant.  

    Brass naturally tarnishes from our skin oils like sterling silver does.  Just wipe down the chain after each use with the provided metal cloth for it to keep its shiny gold color.  

    The pendant wire has a protective coating on it to keep it from tarnishing, it does not need to be wiped down.  Just the chain does.

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