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Small Business Owner and Mother, the Many Battles We Face

Updated: Jan 5

As I sit here typing, my focus is elsewhere thinking of all of the million things I have to do around the house. In addition, the billions of things I need to enact for our business to be successful. Of course, there is also all the remodeling I need to do in the new house we moved to not even a year ago. Not to mention the emotional battlefield I am going through in my head because my youngest just started kindergarten. I have no more babies in the house. It is a rough emotion to feel. Yet, I sit here writing and dealing, or maybe not dealing so well, to you all.

How do we as mothers juggle all of what goes on in these very crowded heads of ours? I know I often struggle to find a balance between all of my responsibilities I hold in life.

Maybe, somethings get ignored like the vacuuming, or folding the laundry because I needed to write this blog post. Or maybe I don't create the new pieces of jewelry because I need to focus on the marketing aspect of our business.

Over the summer I really didn't get a lot done on the business front because I was in a funk. You would think once I figured out the solution to my funk I would get out of it. Not so much! It just put more on my plate. I realized my funk was first and foremost the upcoming doomsday. My baby going to kindergarten. I know I will just have to slowly adjust to this. However, my other funk was we moved under a year ago into a big OLD house. I love the house dearly, but it needs a lot of work to get it to where we need it to be. Or at least where my high functioning ADHD and Narcoleptic brain need it to be. I need organization and structure to function properly. I actually feel that most people need this without even realizing it. I have helped many friends get out of a funk just by organizing and cleaning their space. That is the best advice I can give others that are struggling. First and foremost, get organized! That being said! It is hard to get organized in a new house one room at a time, on top of the normal day to day tasks you already have to do. There are only 24 hours in a day! And my ever growing emails are proof of this.

I guess the question of the day, or what this blog post is all about is, what do we do with all of this!? How do we function? How do we prioritize what is most important and what gets our energy for the day? I know a wise woman once told me the cliche saying "one day at a time." Which is 100% true! This same wise woman (aka my mom and amazing business partner, and my life guru for all things organized and functional), also told me the point I made above, about organization. That an organized space, leads to a more organized brain. MIND BLOWN, RIGHT!!??? LOL!

Such an easy concept that so many struggle with. Organization can and looks different for everyone. Even organized chaos works for some. For some people they need checklists on paper, others need them on their phone. I need every inch of a space I am in to have some sort of organization I can comprehend to function properly. Only in my home. I have no issues being in other people's spaces that aren't organized. Like I said to each their own. That has been my biggest battle to face since our move. At the old house, I had every space set up for how I needed it to function. In this new house there is so much to do before I can set up each space. Even our linens can't be put away yet in their rightful area, because something needs to be built where I want them to go. However, nothing can be built until the carpet is ripped up and the floors redone. I don't want to do that yet because I need to finish my work space! So all of our linens are in a bin in the hallway! Terrible right!?

This goes to my point of "one day at a time." Such easy words, not so easy to follow. I try to give myself a little grace everyday because I have been somewhat, half train-wreck, functioning for the past 8 months in very unfit (for my brain!) conditions. The struggle is real though! I wish I had a personal assistant some days to help with all these minute things, that are huge in the grand scheme of it all.

So remember when you are extremely at your wits end, or over-whelmed to the max, give yourself a little grace. You have a ton on your plate.


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