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How to Make These Earrings Last Forever!

When I create something I create it to last! I stand by my product and try to bring to you the most durable pieces I can. Also, at a price point that is fair. When I make and design my top selling earrings that come in over 20 different designs, I do just that, make a product that will last.

From the posts being stainless steel, to the design being hand-stamped into the metal, no corners are cut. However, the one thing I cannot prevent? The dreaded ink in the design fading! I know if you've purchased a pair of these earrings you know this all too well!

But rest assured! There is a simple solution to this problem and you probably have it lying around your house. There is a long-lasting option on the market but probably not something that is lying around your house.

Is the anticipation killing you on what it is??

The item lying around your house just waiting for you to bring back your earrings to their original glory, is a SHARPIE! An industrial Sharpie works best but any old Sharpie will suffice. You just color in the design with the marker, and then, wipe the excess off with a rag or q-tip with a little Isopropyl alcohol on it. VOILA! The earrings have been restored to the beauties they once were! You can even get crazy and use different color Sharpies to color in the designs! Just remember industrial Sharpies work the best and color options don't stay on long if you like to wear these earrings all the time like me!

I will be unveiling many new designs of these customer favorites soon! I have just been playing around with how best to keep the permanent paint markers on the earring. You would think with the word 'permanent' in the title, that they would last long. Not so much! But like I said earlier I make my products to last! If I can't bring you a colorful earring that lasts for the long haul, I won't release it until it can!

I hope this blog was helpful and joyous all at the same time! Thank you for being loyal Adara Selene Creations fans! If you haven't had a chance to try these fan favorite earrings I highly recommend you do! They are so comfortable to wear all the time.

Until next time!

Mary- Jewelry Designer/Co-Owner of Adara Selene Creations

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Rachel Heyboer
Rachel Heyboer
26. aug. 2022

Thanks for the tips! I love that it is so simple. Can’t wait to see the new designs! Also, anything with Moyra Rose involved has to be excellent.


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