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Have a custom pair of dominoes made in the colors of your choice!  You can choose from a set of double 6's, or double 9's.  All the colors have mica in them, so they will have that same shine and pearl effect as the ones pictured.  Allow at least 1-2 weeks for these to be made.  Each set comes with a box for the dominoes to be stored in.  Choose 2 colors from the available options pictured.  Type them in the mandatory field.

Also choose what color you would like the dots to be.  Options are: White, black, silver, or gold. 

-Each set comes with resin lego pieces to use instead of pennies (or whatever you use) when you get stuck.

-The double 6 set has 28 tiles, and the double 9 has 55.

-Each set is handmade so there may be slight imperfections but nothing that would make you love them any less!

-Dominoes are made from resin.

Custom Domino Sets 6’s or 9’s

SKU: 196
PriceFrom $45.00
  • These are made to order and ship out via USPS in 1-2 weeks.

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