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This super stylish necklace can add a touch of flair to any outfit.  You can't go wrong with this trendy piece!



-The plate pendants are made from brass and are hand-hammered.

-Chain is brushed gold color and is approx. 10 inches long.  With the bib pendant included, overall length of necklace is approx. 16 inches adjustable to 18 inches.


*These are made to order, chain may vary slightly in style.

*The brass plates are coated with a protective coating.  This coating takes 4-5 days to cure.  This necklace should ship out within 7 days because of that coating.


Hammered Brass Bib Necklace

SKU: 28
  • These are made to order and ship out in 3-7 business days via USPS.

  • Brass naturally tarnishes from our skin oils.  To keep this from occurring the brass has been coated.  DO NOT use solvent based cleaners or abrasives to clean coated metal.  Do not use cleaners with "petroleum distillates". 

    Suggested cleaners: Windex, mild soap & water, or similar mild cleaners.

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